Meet The Team


The Guys and Gals (and Daisy) of Oak Road

Want to know who's who at Oak Road?

We asked the team for a little bit about themselves, and here's what we got!

Sarah - AKA Boss Lady

Yep, that’s right – Oak Road Motor Factors is owned and run by a GIRL! No ordinary girl though; Sarah is mum to Jakub and fur-mum to Daisy (more about her next), goes to the gym, does the odd 10k and colour run, loves to travel and enjoys a concert or two.  She’s hands on with all three locations but you’ll mostly find her at the Middlesbrough shop.

Daisy Dog - AKA Mascot and Treat Chomper

Oh, and star of the radio adverts. Thankfully she doesn’t know how famous she is and simply does her job as company mascot and all round lovable pup who just wants a belly rub and a biscuit when you come in.  In fact, she’ll probably howl at your for them! You can also take selfies with Daisy and pop them on our social sites.  Just ask when you pop in.

Middlesbrough Branch


Gav’s our newest member and can be found lurking in the warehouse preparing all of the deliveries. 

Watch this space to learn a little bit more about him!


Lee started when we opened the Middlesbrough branch in February 2017. He was a valet at Audi Teesside so he’s totally into detail.  He’s been a chef too, so you might get a waft of the leftovers he brings in (which we don’t get to eat – rude!).  He fixes his own automotive issues (and a few of the team’s) so you know he has lots of knowledge to help you out with yours.


Jeff has an automotive sales background (we don’t like to say car salesman) and is a talker.  You’ll find him on the front desk greeting you with a smile.  His favourite team is is Tottenham Hotspur (not even a local team – shocking) and his dream car is a red Ferrari with cream interior and red stitching (judge if you must).


Richard has loads of experience with local and national motor factors and brings years of sales and customer service experience to Oak Road as well as a proven track record of adding value to his customers.  He likes walking his dog Walter in the countryside and can be seen in the pub with his wife sharing a bottle of wine. Once the pandemic is over weekends away to the Lakes and City Centre breaks will be enjoyed.

Redcar Branch


Clair does EVERYTHING.  She is Sarah’s right hand woman and keeps the Redcar lads in check.  Rufus the hound (he’s a Shar Pei) can often be found sat on the window sill in the upstairs office – look for him and give him a wave and a woof!  She’s partial to a cool beer on a hot day (or a cold day) and has recently become engaged to Craig (we feel a party coming on).  They can be found strolling the country lanes with Rufus at weekends.


Chris is our longest standing employee having worked for Oak Road for over 40 years (did you lot even know the company had been around that long?!).  Of course he loves cars (otherwise he’s clearly in the wrong job!) and his other hobbies include travel and spending time with his family.


Next in line for the longest employee trophy is Shaun who has racked up 35 years.  

He loves cars – old and new. That is all.


Marty has been at Redcar for a few years now and has a willingness to learn everything he can about the motor industry.  If he doesn’t know he’ll find out, and keep on growing his knowledge.  He loves a bit of football and NFL, spending time with his two daughters and listening to a little bit of Foo Fighters

Whitby Branch


Alistair has worked for us at the Whitby shop for 15 years but has been in the motor trade for 40 years so he clearly knows his stuff.  When he’s not working you’ll find him listening to music, tinkering with cars and having a nice walk out.


Mark has 34 years experience in the motor trade and has spend 18 of those years working for Oak Road Motor Factors. Nice one Mark!