Oak Points

Oak Road Motor Factors has it’s very own loyalty reward points!

Oak Points logoHere’s everything you need to know…

How do I get involved?
Simply contact us for an Oak Points registration form, complete it and send it back.  Soon as we get it we’ll set you up and then the more you spend the more points you earn.

And how do I collect points?
At the end of the month, your spend with ORMF will dictate how many points you get. The more you spend, the more points you receive, the bigger your reward tree will grow. If you want one, you can request a statement each month so you know how your tree is growing.

Please note – you don’t start earning points until you’ve spent Ā£1500.  We’ll let you know when you’re close in case you want to jump on the points wagon!

What do my points get me?
Your points will get you Love 2 Shop Vouchers.

How do I redeem my points?
Contact a Sales Person at your usual branch and inform them of how many points you want to redeem.  We’ll process your request, gather your Love to Shop vouchers and aim to get them to you within 30 days.

Do Points run out?
Your points will build up and carry over from month to month UNTIL the end of the cycle year.  You must redeem ALL points before 31st January each year or they will be lost. Points are not carried over once the new collecting year begins on 1st February.

Can I leave? What happens to my points?
You must redeem all points before leaving the scheme or your points will disappear when you do!

Who owns the points?
The garage.  They are not awarded to an individual.

Ah, so it’s only for Trade?
At this stage, yes.

What happens if I join mid month/year?
It’s fine…the same happens. You will start to collect points as soon as you start spending and hit the minimum monthly spend, and they will be available to be redeemed from the end of the following month.

Are Oak Points awarded for any spend?
Yes, whatever you buy.  And throughout the year there will opportunities to earn extra points or take advantage of special deals and offers only available to Oak Point customers.

Is there any reason I wouldn’t get points or special deals?
Just the one…your account MUST be completely up-to-date in order to collect and redeem points and take advantage of special offers.

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Oak Road retains the right to cancel the Oak Points scheme at any stage and without warning.  Outstanding points will be converted to vouchers and distributed. In the rare case this cannot happen ORMF reserve the right to offer an alternative.

These questions form the Terms and Conditions of Oak Points.  You’ll have been directed to this page when you signed up and continuing to collect and redeeming Oak Points signifies your agreement to and understanding of the terms of collecting Oak Points.