Lifestyle Vouchers

We have our very own Loyalty Reward Scheme for Trade

Here's everything you need to know about Oak Points

How do I get involved?

Contact Oak Road and ask for a sign up form for Oak Points. Once we get it back we’ll sign you up and you can start collecting points. The more you spend, the more points you earn

And how do I collect points?

At the end of the month, your spend with ORMF will dictate how many points you get. The more you spend, the more points you receive, and the bigger your reward tree will grow. Occasionally we will have special offers only available to Oak Points members that will either give you more points or seriously good discounts on things.

There is a minimum spend each month.  You will not start to collect points until you have spent £1500 (ex VAT).  But you will earn points on whatever you buy. Exemptions are Garage Equipment, Diagnostics, Training Courses and Clutches.  This list is subject to change with notice, please check here for any additions to the exemptions.

What do my points get me?

We’ve teamed up with Motivates Lifestyle Vouchers.  Each month, depending on your spend and points conversion, you’ll get an email with Lifestyle Vouchers. Simply log on to their website to convert your vouchers into spendable vouchers.  They can be for any number of places (the list is huge and growing).  You can save them up for a bigger spend, or spend as you go. Up to you.  EG if you have £30 of vouchers you can spend £5 at Costa, £5 at Just Eat and roll over your £20. Lifestyle Vouchers are valid for two years.

Each month, provided you have met the required minimum spend and your account is up to date (ie, you’ve paid us!), you will get an email with your points.  You do not need to contact us. You will automatically get your points emailed to you. 

You can redeem your points electronically or you can print out the spendable voucher if you prefer.  Either way, the retailer needs something to scan!


Who owns the points?

The points belong to the garage, not an individual. For example, only the Garage san sign up, not each team member from the garage. If you, as the garage owner, wish to share the points with your team you can. Details are on the Motivates Lifestyle website as to how to do that.  This Scheme is currently for Trade Only.


Can I join anytime?

Yes, it doesn’t matter when you join, you’ll start collecting points as soon as you hit the £1500 spend threshold.


Is there any reason why I wouldn't get my points reward?

Only one…you must keep your account up-to-date with us in order to get that month’s points and take advantage of any upcoming special offer. 


What are you waiting for...get signed up to Oak Points and start earning rewards today!

By returning the Sign Up form for Oak Points you will be directed to this page to understand these terms. Continuing to collect and redeem Oak Points signifies your agreement with these terms. We reserve the right to add or alter any terms, with proper notice to Oak Points members, and we reserve the right to close the scheme or change the reward at any time.