How Oak Road are operating during COVID-19

Now that Restrictions are lifting...

…we will continue to observe social distancing to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.  Whilst restrictions have eased, the spread of the virus is quite prevalent in our area and we’d like to keep our staff at work!  So please understand when we only allow two people in the shops at any time, and please continue to stay at least 1m from the person in front and from our staff.  We will continue to provide hand sanitizer for your safety and while you do not HAVE to wear a mask you are absolutely welcome to if you want to. 

Thank you for your understanding. We want to keep our staff safe and stay open so we can continue to serve you and we need your help with that. 

We are doing still our best to limit contact with cash and politely request you pay with card or if you cannot pay by card please bring the EXACT AMOUNT when collecting your items so that we limit our contact with your change.

If you made a telephone order, when you arrive at your chosen branch please have your order number ready. The quicker we can find your order the less time you’ll spend in the shop!

Please be patient, we are all in this together! We are busier than usual on the phones and so we might take a little longer to answer you or get to the door. We are doing our best and your patience helps keep us smiling!