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Liqui Moly Motor Protect

Full synthetic motor oil additive. It significantly reduces wear. High-pressure wear protection additives create a very thin layer on the engine friction points that is mouldable and low-friction under wear conditions. Its effectiveness lasts for at least 50,000 km. That produces these benefits:
• Significant wear reduction
• Extended engine service life
• Fuel and emissions reduction through smooth-run effect
• Optimal engine power, quiet running.


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Motor Protect should be added approximately every 50,000 km during oil changes. One 500 ml can is sufficient for up to 5 litres oil. Reduce the specified oil volume by 500 ml. For the sake of economy, the product should be added during or shortly after oil changes. Motor Protect is compatible with all commercially available mineral-based and synthetic-based engine oils.

The additive is added to the new oil AFTER an oil change. 500 ml sufficient for up to 5 l motor oil. Adding to low-friction full-synthetic low-viscosity oils reduces wear further by approx. 35%. With long-term effectiveness for 50,000 km (comply with oil change intervals from vehicle manufacturer).

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