5 Ways to Win at Back to School Car Trips

Here comes September and just like that the school run starts again (if you’re not lucky enough to throw your little darlings on a bus whilst in your pyjamas and head back into the house to wake up properly), along with the constant repetition of ‘get your shoes on’, ‘eat your breakfast’ and ‘get in the car NOW’!

We all take the hazards and hassles of the school run for granted because it becomes an every task that we just have to get through. But that mindset can be detrimental to you, your sproglets and, potentially, other children being dropped off. So let’s take a little look at how you can take some of the stress out of it, and keep everyone safe every day you have to go to school.

Note: some might be a little tongue in cheek but hey, if it helps you could try it 😉

Tell a Little Lie
Set all the clocks in your house fast by 5 minutes.  That way everyone is up five minutes early and you have a chance of getting out of the house on time!  Don’t forget the car too though, or on day one you’ll be rumbled!

Preparation is Key
Get outfits sorted the night before. Not too much of an issue if there’s a uniform involved, but I’m not just talking about the kids here..!  Oh, and I mean underwear, socks and shoes too – get everything ready to just chuck on. Get the cereal and bowls on the table ready (make it a task of the littl’uns before bed). Have bags packed.  I know, I know, it’s something you aspire to but life gets in the way. But make it part of your evening routine (pack bag, cereal out, outfit, bath, bed) and you’ll be King/Queen of leaving on time!rhii-photography-o_OCZDIAiM0-unsplash

Be Vigilant
Rushing causes us to stop paying attention to things, because we’re focused on getting there.  Remember, driving 2 miles over the speed limit won’t, in reality, get you there any faster (well, 34 seconds faster perhaps) but it might lead to points (or a 4 hour speed awareness course!).  Or, worst of all, an accident.  So if you can’t get out of the door on time keep that right foot light on the pedal and keep your eyes peeled for hazards. Get switched on.oliver-hale-uq7q2hZQEEE-unsplash

Do a Dummy Run
New school? New area? Get to know where you’re going, how long it takes (then add 5 minutes for all of the drop offs on an actual school day) and the safest drop off/collection points.

Switch Off
No, not you – your technology. No phones/tablets at the breakfast table. One of the biggest time stealers is mobile technology, so get it turned off and enjoy actually talking to each other over breakfast. A great way to get out of the door on time as there are less distractions.

There are loads of ways to safe time and be safer with the school run – kiss your kids as they get in the car (so you don’t have to twist about as they get out); enforce a no chatting/no technology rule in the car so you can concentrate; set up a reward system for each day the kids get out of the house on time.  Loads. Find what works for you and you’ll find a road to less stress and no speeding fines.

Happy new school year – just 7 weeks until half term…!

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