Car Easter Eggs

Nope, not the chocolate variety – we’ve been researching Easter Eggs of a different kind!

New to the term? An Easter egg isn’t an actual egg, so forget thinking you’re going to get a nice chocolately treat in your new car or find one hiding in your glove box.  You do have to look for them though, they’re not always obvious.  Easter eggs are almost inconspicuous embellishments, such as etchings in the headlights, that are cultural or manufacturing references. They usually appear in movies and books but we know some cars that have jumped on the trend and we’ve got a selection for you.

Movie Easter Eggs

In Spider Man 2, Peter Parker says he needs a ‘strong focus’ before jumping of a building. To bounce off a Ford Focus that goes undamaged.  Awesome example of an Easter Egg.
Peter parker hits a focus

The Fast and Furious franchise if full of them. In the later movies they often relate to the earlier movies, and there’s a lot of nods to Paul Walker by the character Dom.  If you’re a fan, watch them from the beginning and see how many you can spot. Here’s few to get you started…

🚗 The Ripsaw tank is the same one Dwayne Johnson used in GI Joe: Retaliation

🚗 The Cuban race in ‘Fate’ is a nod to the first movie in two ways – in 2001 Brian says ‘I’ll take the cash and the respect, to some that’s more important’.  In Cuba, Dom beats Raldo but rather than take his car says ‘your respect is good enough for me’.

🚗 And the other nod? In both movies, the cars use nitro and end up with their engines in flames / covered in smoke. The Fate movie is a nod to Paul Walker as it was the first following his death.

Car Easter Eggs – every day cars

It’s not just prestige cars that hide fun stuff in their design, we’ve found cars that everyone drives have got a few things hidden away. Our favourite is the Vauxhall Corsa. There’s a shark hidden in there.  Here’s an image – if you’ve got a Corsa see if you can find it. And according to our research there might be one or two others as well. Story goes a designer was dared to put a shark in the car that would pass production. Apparently he managed it!

Corsa Shark

Another is the Volvo XC90, they’ve got a sneaky spider and web hidden away. And because they want a classy Egg too, they’ve added ‘Since 1959’ to their seat belt hardwear. The shrewd amongst you might realise this is a nod to when they introduced 3 point belts which revolutionised car safety. And they’ve pretty much been leading the charge in safety since then.

Volvo spider

And don’t get us started on the Jeep range…If you’ve got one go on an Easter Egg hunt – there are loads (tip, check out your lights if you have a Cherokee and your door if you have a Renegade).

Finally one of our favourites and very practical – good old Skoda have hidden an ice scraper in the fuel cap and an umbrella holder in the door!

An old car I once owned had a handbag hook. Back then I just thought it was cool, I didn’t realise it was egg related.

Prestige Easter Eggs

Tesla is the Godiva of car Easter Eggs – their cars are riddled with them.  But not to be outdone, BMW have cleverly etched a ‘Z’ into their body work.

BMW Z car

Travelling to the US, the Dodge Viper (already a pretty cool car) intimidates anyone behind it by lighting up the snake logo when you hit the brakes. Enough to stop tailgating I reckon.  Meanwhile it’s cousin, the SRT, has racetracks hidden in its interior.

As you know, every day is a learning day! I have learned things researching this article, and you’ve learned there is more than one type of Easter Egg!  If you spot Easter Eggs in your car do let us know!

Oak Road is committed to helping your car be the best it can so it’s great for you to drive and safe for everyone around you. Pop into any branch for all of your motoring needs. We sell pretty much everything your car needs. Except Easter Eggs 😉

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