Cars fit for a (Royal) Wedding

As the wedding for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle approaches, chatter has turned to what kind of car she might arrive in and they might depart in.  We loved the classic Aston Martin DB6 MkII belonging to Prince Charles that William drove Kate away in.

It’s well known that the Queen herself is big into cars and her personal fleet consists of Bentleys, Land Rovers and Jaguars.  Then there’s the Aston Martin she bought for Prince Charles for a birthday and of course, the Stately Gold Carriages.  The Palace is a veritable who’s who of the vintage car world so any bride would have her choice of classic, vintage or carriage (subject to status, one assumes).

Sit back and take a look at what luxury she might (and you could) have sweep her up to her Prince.

🚗          🚗          🚗          🚗          🚗          🚗

🚗 The Bentley
Old or new, a Bentley oozes decadence and romance.  From the convertible Azure (and T Model) to the sporty Continental, and on to the most recognised Classic Spur (which takes 130 hours to build, and still comes in a vile orange if you want it!) Bentley is almost synonymous with Wedding.  The sheer luxury it brings, just for a few hours on one day, is worth every single penny.

Image Courtesy: Only Drive Green

🚗 Rolls Royce
Ask anyone for the name of a ‘posh car’ and it’s likely the first two words they utter will be Rolls and Royce.  The ‘strikingly seductive’ Dawn with her open top would be awesome on a Wedding parade (something to aspire to huh!), or stick with the classic Phantom. Get little shivers just thinking about it – that gorgeous silver figurine The Spirit of Ecstasy just in view as you relax in the back in the height of luxury. Sigh…Image result for rolls royce figure

Image Courtesy:

🚗 Classic Rolls Royce
We’re talking Silver Wraith, Silver Cloud – or even as far back as a 1936 Vintage.  Cold and rattly, I hear you cry. Not luxury at all!  Well, actually they were the height of luxury in their time and your biggest issue would actually be being too hot (definitely no air-con in this one). But it is so beautiful. And you can always pretend you’re in Bugsy Malone (and also pretend there was no prohibition…).portfolio

Image Courtesy: Elegance Wedding Cars

🚗 Mercedes
Probably wouldn’t be my first thought for a wedding car – I’d be worried about getting my frock into the back!  But then I discovered that the E class saloons used for weddings tend to be the long wheel base limousine types and my fears were allayed.  Hey, if it’s good enough for the Formula 1 Safety Car it’s good enough for me!Image result for formula 1 safety car

Image Courtesy: Formula 1

🚗 Daimler
Not actually making cars any more (there’s a long history to Daimler that starts in Germany and ends up being owned by Ford!), the classics are your only choice here. Originally the choice of Royalty (until Rolls Royce took over), the Daimler Limousine is spacious with wide opening doors for that Princess frock. Or, if you’re feeling generous, it seats 7 so you can take a bunch of people with you!portfolio

Image Courtesy: Elegance Wedding Cars

🚗 Jaguar
E-type, F-type? It’s all foreign to me (but you can learn more) and in my ignorance I thought they were all small sports cars that James Bond drives (although it turns out he didn’t! but there were plenty of Jags in the movies).  Anyway, I digress. Back to weddings. The Jaguar XF is perfect, sporty looking and comfy. Just don’t expect to get in there with a massive dress on!

🚗 Aston Martin
Many a mans personal favourite, I can think of many gents who would like to drive themselves to their wedding in an Aston Martin.  You don’t just own an Aston Martin. You live it. Breath it. So, that said, does it work as a wedding car?  Of course!  Olufsen sound systems, soft perforated leather, LED lighting. You might not want to get out!Range Rover Vogue with White wedding ribbon

Image courtesy: Cupid Carriages

There are, of course, loads of lovely vintage vehicles out there, from buses to limos and everything in between, but perhaps for a Royal Wedding, it should be an Austin Princess? 🚗

Have you got, or are you restoring, a vintage or classic car?  We can probably help you get the parts (we can definitely help you with the classic white-on-black number plate) so pop in or give us a call.

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