Decorate your car for Christmas

Do you LOVE Christmas?  Do you have Christmas EVERYTHING?  So you must decorate your car then.  No?  Why ever not?!  We wondered just what it would take to Christmasify your car, and here’s what we found – some of it is quite quirky. I want one of everything.

🚗          🚗          🚗          🚗          🚗          🚗

Rear Windscreen Wavers

Oh my, I got a little bit excited!  We can’t find a supplier for these (yet – there’s always next year) but good ol’ eBay sells them. Santa, snowman, santa with snowman, slightly manic looking elf. Fun in your rear view!Santa wiper wavers gif

These ones are from eBay

Rudolph Your Car

Tee hee, you can buy antlers and a lovely (not shiny) red nose for your car. The not shiny bit is important as you can’t dazzle other drivers nor can you be mistaken for an arm of the law.  But apparently you can be mistaken for a mythical flying reindeer. Good oh.Screenshot 2018-11-23 15.22.51

Get this set from Amazon

A Tree. In your Car.

You can get LED dashboard trees that plug in and light up.  There may be a legal issue if it’s bright and distracting to other motorists or you, and you can’t get a lot of baubles or tinsel on there but if you’re Christmas mad, you can put a tree in your car.

LED dash tree

Aerial Toppers

Wow, we found loads! Santa, snowman, reindeer, angel, tree, Christmas pudding. You could change it every week. Unless you have a CB and other aerials. Then you can have a whole collection on one car!Image result for christmas aerial topperAerial toppers

Find them on Amazon

Snowflake Car Stickers

We told you we found some quirky stuff!  Really, why should your car miss out. You decorate your house, yourself, possibly your garden. You don’t want your car feeling like it’s not worthy of Christmas attention*.


Hippy Motors

* we know a car is inanimate and has no feelings, you don’t need to worry about us.

We hope we’ve inspired you a little. We thought of mini wreaths (you can get these, but struggled to find them in the UK).  We also thought of snow spray, but it will likely wash off (although if you’ve ever done it on your windows and then tried to remove it you’ll know it doesn’t shift easily!).  And then we saw this. Don’t do this.


If you should decide to dress your car for the festive season there are some things you should consider about the legality (and taste!) of it all.  Do a bit of research, make sure you’re not going to be distracting other drivers and know when to stop.

Read this article about whether you should decorate your car, it covers a lot of the above.

Not in to decorating but have a car fanatic to buy for?  Pop into one of our branches; we’ve got some great suggestions, like this AutoGlym Bodywork and Wheels kit.

AutoGlym bodywork and wheels set

A little disclaimer (because we need to look out for ourselves and for you).  This is a fun article. The items do all exist and are for sale across various portals and while we are informing of their existence and where to purchase them, you decorate your car at your own risk and we assume you have done as we instructed and checked the legality of your actions before driving your decorated car.

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