Essential items to keep in your car

We know you don’t want to keep a load of stuff in your car. You want to keep your vehicle tidy and have space for all of that shopping (grocery or otherwise!).

But there are some things you SHOULD always have in your car, and they don’t take up much space; in fact you can hide most of them by making use of your back chair pockets, your centre console and your glove compartment. And if you’re lucky you’ll have a handy hidden compartment for your sunglasses!

Charger for your Phone
Don’t get caught out. Your phone is no use to you in an accident or any other situation, or if you use it as your Sat Nav, if it’s not charged. Keep a charger handy and charge as you go.

An actual Map Book
Yep, Sat Nav is great. But sometimes and accident can mean you get kicked off your route and all Sat Nav wants to do is put you back on it. Take five minutes to plan your route on the map, and you’ll be ready no matter what the traffic flings at you (especially as you can reach behind you and pull it out of the seat pocket. Then give it to your human Nav!).

Where’s your Locking Wheel Nut?
Because if it’s not in your car you could be in trouble. Put it back in the same place every time so you’ll always know where it is. If you have a flat and need to replace it your garage or recovery service can’t do it with out the LWN. Well, they might be able to but it would cause a lot of damage and cost a lot more. Just keep it safe and know where it is.

Pad and Pen
Yep, let’s go old school. If you need to leave a note, make a note of something, get drivers details after an accident…you get the picture.  A pad and pen might seem old fashioned in this electronic world but sometimes it’s just what you need.

Spare Shoes and a Rain Coat
Now then, you shouldn’t be driving in inappropriate footwear anyway (driving in flip flops could invalidate your insurance) but you might drive in heels or flats or boots.  But if you breakdown or run out of fuel and have to walk a few miles to the nearest fuel station or to get help (because you don’t have an in car charger and your phone is flat..!) then you’ll be grateful of a comfy pair of shoes with a pair of socks stuffed into them ready for you to change into.  And keep a fold-able cagoule to hand too, in case the weather is against you. They take up next to no space at all.daoudi-aissa-12kKVMGAuH0-unsplash

How many times do you get in the car on an overcast day, only for it to brighten up an hour into your journey and you’ve got no sunnies?  If your car doesn’t have a dedicated space then keep a pair in your centre console or the side of your door for easy access.

Blanket and a bottle of water
ESSENTIAL!  To keep yourself or a shocked/hurt passenger warm in case of an accident, and the water is for you AND your car. Unless your car is clever enough to tell you when your screen wash is getting low! (You know it’s illegal not to have screen wash right?!).autri-taheri-UmzHZeu9o_M-unsplash.jpg

Don’t get caught short!  All of these items take up very little space in your car but could be the difference between keeping warm and getting blisters.

One other thing you should KNOW about your car?  Does it have a spare or is it a run-flat tyre? Check it out!

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