Halloween Safety

It’s spooky October and whilst it is lovely that the trees are turning gold and amber, shedding their leaves and their conkers, and that the air is turning cooler (although notes for history – it’s really quite a warm October in 2018, it’s 23c as I type!), our thoughts turn to little people dressed in rags and masks (and possibly bin bags if that’s still a thing) running from house to house begging for sugar that will keep them up all night and drive their parents crackers.orange-supercar-duo-goes-trick-or-treating-with-halloween-pumpkin-look_5

Thanks to AutoRevolution for this corker!

Yep, Trick or Treat (smell my feet, give me something nice to eat) is coming and with it comes a change in mindset to road safety. Or at least, it should.

You, as a car user, will need to be on your guard more than normal.  A little imp could shoot out in front of you at any point. It’s dark, and the little witches are wearing black (without reflective strips) so are much harder to spot.

In an ideal world children are politely walking single file from house to house, on the path, wearing reflective gear.  This is not an ideal world.  These children are excited and full of sugar. You know what to do but we’re going to remind you anyways.

🚗 Driving around estates:  Go the allotted 20 mph. We know that as a rule you think it’s still 30 but on All Hallows Eve please stick to 20 or slower.

🚗 Eyes wide open.  The designated adult does not, contrary to what they’ve been telling children for years, have eyes in the back of their heads and so you need to act as that second set of eyes and watch for stray cats and monsters.

🚗 Turn down your music – you’re not going to hear shrieks and laughter as you sing along to Little Mix (other music is available, I heard this as I was heading home!), and it will dull your concentration.

🚗 Parking. Yep, it’s your drive but there is likely to be an excitable child running down it, carrying a bucket of goodies and not really paying attention. So you need to.

The busiest Witching Hour is usually between 4pm and 6pm so, unless you really have to, just don’t go out in your car. We’re not saying you can’t drive, but if you don’t have to then that will dramatically lower the risk of any accident!  Besides, you should be in with a mahoosive bowl of goodies ready to feign being scared by the goblins and ghouls knocking on your door. Unless you’re brave enough to request a Trick, which may involve eggs on your windows so I wouldn’t.

On this scariest of nights do follow these tips; please be vigilant and lets keep all of the broken limbs and blood fake.

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