A Little Car Romance

Love is in the air!  Ah, as it’s all about Valentine’s Day this month and as people everywhere start to freak about getting cards/gifts/any kind of love recognition, we have decided to lighten the mood a bit and give you something to smile about whether you’re single/in a relationship/it’s complicated.

So sit back, grab a cuppa and read on to get a little bit of Valentine’s Day love all of your own ♥

Romantic Movie Car Scenes (warning, some might be steamy!)

There are plenty of movies that use cars as the scene of a romantic or pivotal moment, here’s a few of our favourites.

Jack and Rose – Titanic.  So much steam you probably could have cooked an egg on the early model Packard Limousine (of course back then it wasn’t so old…!).  Titanic is full of lovely love scenes but we’re all about the cars at Oak Road!

Back to the 80s with Say Anything (not seen it?  Download it immediately and satisfy your 80s music cravings!) with Lloyd and Diane and his 1976 Chevy Malibu. Not to mention this iconic scene as he holds up a boombox and plays her a Peter Gabriel.  Click the pic to listen.Say Anything John Cusack Chevy Malibu

We all know that scene in Pretty Woman…I’m talking about when Richard Gere is struggling with the stick shift (or manual, to us Brits) and Julia Roberts shows him how it’s done.  I’m sure the Lotus Esprit wasn’t too damaged as he crunched his way through the gears. It’s a defining moment in the movie, when he starts to realise she may not be all that she appears.

Pretty Woman Trivia – both Porche and Ferrari turned down the chance to have their cars feature; reportedly they didn’t want to be associated with a ‘lady of the night’. Lotus clearly saw the script as an opportunity to showcase their cars in a movie that turned out to gross $463 million worldwide.

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And then there’s Grease – an abundance of cars in that one. Cars at the drive through where Danny tries his luck.  Cars at the race where Sandy decides that to get Danny she’ll have to squeeze herself into the tightest leather on earth and super perm her hair.

In David Lynch’s Wild at Heart there’s a ton of cars for your eyeball pleasure, the main two being a ’65 Ford Thunderbird and a ’76 Cadillac Eldorado but there’s also a Zebra Skin covered 1979 Ford Mustang. Worth watching just for that. Sailor and Lulu are on the run from the bunch of weirdos her mum has sent to kill him, and they use a variety of cars to get away!  How romantic is that.

Slightly less romantic (and a lesson in where not to park before removing your seat belt for a snog) is the Vow.  No classic cars, not even a posh car. Just a pivotal scene that reminds us to be cautious in the snow.

All good RomComs and the odd ManFlick contain a good car scene, steamy or otherwise. But as we have a girlie owner we would not be forgiven if we left out the pinnacle of all great romance movies….Dirty Dancing. Not only does it sport a super dooper black 1957 Chevrolet BelAir sport coupe, it’s also the proud owner of a girl doing in the back of cars what they’ve been doing for years…getting changed! I managed to find an image where he’s NOT looking in the mirror…

Dirty Dancing getting changed in the back of the car

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little romp through some of our favourite RomComs and the roles cars played in them.  Did your car play a pivotal role in your true life romance?  Let us know!

If you love your car and want to treat it this Valentine’s Day month, then pop into any of our branches for stuff to clean it, make it smell nice and keep it running smoothly 🚗

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