New Year’s (Car) Resolutions

We all know that when Big Ben struck twelve on 1 January 2019 a million New Year’s resolutions were made that will, pretty much, all have been broken by now (15 days in!).

Here’s our thoughts on a New Year’s Car Resolution you could make and stick to through 2019 to keep yourself, your passengers and others safe and happy on the roads.  Pick one, or do them all!

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🚗 Resolution One – Be More Vigilant

Modern cars are built to make driving easier but there are many distractions on the ‘Star Trek’ type dashboard that it’s easy to become, well, distracted!  Get to know your car well before you drive it so you know what everything does.  Owned your car for a while?  Reacquaint yourself!  It’s easy to become complacent that you know everything about your car. Sing less, watch your mirrors. Do all the things that helped you pass your test that you have swapped for bad habits!

🚗 Resolution Two – Keep It Clean

It’s not often I say we should be more like other countries, but there are places where it’s actually illegal to NOT have a rubbish bag in your car.  Now, I know it’s illegal here to throw something out of your window and litter but people do still do it. So if you’re guilty of that, get a rubbish bag for your car, hook it over the seat and resist the temptation to open your window. Keep your car, and our lovely country, clean.

🚗 Resolution Three – See Clearly

When did you last have your eyes checked?  In America, each time you renew your license (every 4 years!) you have to pass a sight test. Not so here in the UK – you are checked when you take your test that you can read the number plate in front and then that’s pretty much it til you’re 70.  So take it upon yourself to check your eyeballs are doing what they should, that you can read road signs clearly and you’re not putting anyone, including yourself, in danger because you’re a bit of a Magoo.

🚗 Resolution Four – Be Road Worthy

It’s easy to let a year slip by and you haven’t checked your oil, your washer fluid, your brake fluid.  ‘Wait’ I hear you cry … ‘don’t they do that on the service?’. Why yes, they do. If you get one.  Owners of older cars are guilty of not bothering with a service any more. Totes your choice but do make it your resolution to do some of the service checks yourself and keep your car working well and not a menace on the roads.

🚗 Resolution Five – Be Sat Nav Savvy

Sat Nav is a brilliant invention but it can be distracting and we can blindly follow it which can cause late braking, turning down the wrong road, not paying attention to lights and those around us.  Do yourself a favour and take your Sat Nav for a ride around your own town, where you know where you’re going and can get used to it.  Learn how long 300m is, understand what it’s instructions mean and become comfortable using and listening to it. You will be thankful when you’re trying to find your way around an unknown city that you did.  Oh, and please, please keep your maps up to date, otherwise all your hard work is for nothing (as you turn down a now one-way street…).

Now remember, you don’t have to wait until a New Year to make and keep these resolutions.  Good car and road habits are for all year, not just for New Year!

Oak Road can help you keep your resolutions. We’ve got all you need to keep your car clean and running well. Pop into any branch 🚗

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