Top five tips for beating the bank holiday traffic

Ah it’s May. And that means TWO bank holidays in the UK (according to my sources, it means EIGHT in France. We may have to relocate…).

Bank holidays mean traffic. And lots of it. They mean slow lanes, accidents and kids peeing on the side of the road. To be fair that last one happens whether it’s a BH or not. And it’s not always just kids…

So, how do you win at bank holidays?  We’ve got five great ways to beat the traffic and get where you’re going without an unscheduled roadside pit stop!

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🚗 Don’t leave at premium times.
We know it’s hard to plan, but I remember as a kid going to bed at 8pm and waking up in the car at midnight, about half way to where we were going! I even remember my parents going to bed for a little while too. It’s a known fact that roads are quieter at night. So grab your alarm clock and set it for a time only foxes and night owls are aware of.  Pack your car earlier, grab the sleeping small people and head out into the night, pretty much guaranteed to beat everything. And should the worst happen, you know the AA will get to you quickly – they’re bored!

🚗 Take the toilet with you.
We’re not talking caravan loos or some kind of porta-potty here.  There are these great things called ‘TravelJohns’ and ‘TravelJanes’ which are basically portable toilets your kids can use (actually grown ups can use them too) while your vehicle is moving. Oh yes folks, this exists!  This means that you can just keep going. Unless a number two is required. Got nothing for you there I’m afraid.  Oh, and the driver probably shouldn’t do it while driving. But you lot are smart, you don’t need us to tell you that.

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🚗 Do your homework
Here’s what we know about Bank Holiday travel. EVERYONE wants to stop to eat at lunch time.  We do know more but we’re focusing on this for now.  So don’t leave at a time where you’re going to have to stop between twelve and two for food.  How many times have you thought ‘oh I’ll just pop off here for a wee / sandwich / quick go on the slot machines (!)’ and discovered a very long line of traffic doing the same thing? Indeed – lots.  Plan your leaving time so that you won’t have to stop at peak lunch times.  In fact, check out your route, find out where the motorway stops are and aim for one that’s going to be outside of premium time so you know you’ll get in without adding 400 years to your journey.

🚗 Preparation prevents…well you know the rest!
Fill up your tank before you go. Pack the night before. Make sandwiches.  Fill your water bottles (not disposables, we’re very green here at Oak Road).  Have the stuff you need in the car, not in the boot.  Devise entertainment for the kids. And the driver (they do get bored you know – but obvs nothing that will distract from keeping you all safe!).  Prepare your music.  You get the drift. DO IT ALL BEFORE YOU GO. DO NOT LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE.

🚗 And finally…the other kind of preparation
You know; where you check your oil, your screen wash, your tyre pressure etc etc.  There’s no point having portable loos, ready to nosh egg sarnies, games galore and a brilliant plan if you don’t have a road ready car.

Pop into any Oak Road branch for your oil, screen wash, new wiper blades – whatever you need to keep your car going while all around queue for a really long time because they didn’t read this blog and weren’t prepared. Happy bank holiday (and in fact all-year-round) driving 🚗

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