Getting a Real Tree home in your car

Oh December, here you are. I’m ready for my tree!  Not everyone gets a real tree but for those of you who do, or who are getting one for the first time, here are our tops tips on getting the beauty home.  We’ve also teamed up with Lynda from Girl Friday Solutions to give you her top five on what to do when you get it home to keep it looking fabulous!

annie-spratt-jPfsYM-6Bcw-unsplash tree on a car

🚗 First things first…measure!
Not just your house to make sure it’s going to fit in, but your car too!  I have, in the past, managed to bring home a 7ft fir home in an old Nissan Micra. With a passenger! And it wasn’t on the roof!!

If it’s not going in, it’s going on top so you need to measure that too – you don’t want the tree overhanging your windscreen and in any way obscuring your view. Not only is it not safe, but it’s illegal too. So be aware of length!

🚗 Tools required for roof transportation
You’ll need: bungee cords and string (good, strong string). That’s it really! If you’ve got a roof rack then happy days, but if not make sure you open your doors all the way (don’t just lower the windows) and wrap the string through the car. Do the top, middle and bottom of the tree. Your tree should be netted which will give it some protection but we suggest covering with a blanket to reduce the risk of breaking any branches.  You’ll want a blanket or tarp underneath too, so you don’t scratch your paintwork.

🚗 If it’s going in, not on….
Leave your parcel shelf at home, put BOTH back seats down (if it splits…don’t just do half) and measure up to your dashboard to make sure your tree will fit. DON’T put it in your car if it’s not netted, that’s just asking for trouble!  Now then. It is going to be harder than usual to see out of your rear so make sure your wing  mirrors are clear and your back windows aren’t obscured so you can still see over your shoulder.

🚗 Check the weather
Whether it’s going in or on, transporting your tree in bad weather won’t be fun! Sometimes it’s not possible for you choose another day or time, so take extra caution and be aware that you have a tree on/in your car!  And inclement weather could change your driving tactics – sharp movements or hard breaking could shift your cargo!

🚗 Getting it off/out
You’ll have help from wherever you buy your tree to get it on/in your car, but what about the other end?  Trees are heavy (although according to ‘While you were Sleeping’ movie, the blue spruce is lighter. I’m not sure of the truth there!) and while the netting helps with carrying, the length can make them cumbersome to move. So get some help the other end!denise-johnson-m4eISQg0e0E-unsplash

Now then. You’ve got the perfect tree. You followed our tips and got it home safely without scratching your car. You’ve hoovered out the needles (or not, if you like the smell!). Now what?

Lynda from Girl Friday Solutions, who is a HUGE real tree fan and has had one for the last 30 years says:

🎄Get it straight into a bucket of water and leave it outside (or the coldest part of your house – not near any radiators or heating of any kind) for a minimum of 24 hrs. Your tree will be thirsty.

🎄When you’re ready to bring it in, saw about an inch off the bottom and get it into it’s stand, nice and straight, and get some water in immediately.  Let it drink for about an hour then top the water up (yes, it will have a drink in that time!).  

🎄Now you’re ready to cut the netting off.  Start at the top with sharp scissors or a stanley knife.  Work your way down slowly, cutting at both sides of the tree to gently and evenly remove the net and prevent any breakage.

🎄’Fluff’ your tree and let it settle again for about an hour.  This will give it a chance to dry off and show off its proper shape, after which you can trim a bit here and there if you like.20181201_134654

🎄 One last check of the water before you start putting your lights on!  That’s it. Now you’re ready to dress your tree. Enjoy. Oh, and check the water EVERY DAY for the first 10 days. After that it will stop drinking so much.  

We hope you find our tips useful and have a safe and fun time choosing a fabulous tree and getting it home.  You can find bungee cords and string in our branches!



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