Know your MOT

Do you know what your car goes through for it’s MOT?  Well you should, because it could help you out.

Chatting to a customer recently, we learned that they had a bulge in their tyre which has been there for a while. In fact, it’s been through a previous MOT and passed. When they put the car in this time to a different garage it failed because of the bulge.

For info A BULGE IN A TYRE IS AN AUTOMATIC MOT FAIL.  It’s dangerous and could blow at any point. Whether you do 1000 or 10,000 miles a year, it’s a risk and should have been properly assessed at the point of MOT.  If the driver had been pulled over or the bulge spotted by police it also could have not ended well. For the car owner or the garage.

Obviously this is under investigation and we can’t tell you which garage it was or where in the country it is. But what it did bring to light is that it’s helpful to know what is looked at for an MOT, what you can possibly sort yourself, what shouldn’t really cost much and whether or not you’ve been given your car back in a legal condition!

So first off, here’s the link to what is covered on an MOT, which can be found on GOV.UK where you’ll also find this image that shows you what they’re looking at.

Gov uk screenshot of MOT

There is a lot on here you can look at first. You tyres, for example!  You can see if they are worn, if there are any bulges.

Your wipers – you know if they’re working well or not!  Which also means you might as well top up your screen wash before you drop your car off. I tend to plug my seat belts in too – I know they are going to do it themselves but it just means I am confident they work and can be found. I know someone once who almost failed because a rear belt was tucked behind the seat from the last time they’d laid the seats down. Thankfully the garage was a decent one, found the belts and passed it but not before he mentioned to the customer what had happened.  A lesser garage might have failed it.

Most garages, if they aren’t busy or are already doing bits and bobs for you, won’t charge for things like a light adjustment or possibly a handbrake adjustment. These are quick jobs that take little time and therefore don’t affect the bottom line.  But you can help yourself by knowing what is checked and checking it yourself.

We’re not saying pop on some overalls and get under your car!  Just be aware.  It could save you a lot of time, worry and money if you just pay a little attention 🚗

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