Volvos and Chods

Not the catchiest of titles but when you read this you’ll understand!

It seems like every movie and every TV show we watch features a Volvo. I was going to say ‘nowadays’ but actually it seems like every movie and TV show since the beginning of time features one. In fact I’ve started looking for them, it’s a bit of a game. New ones, old ones, Really old ones, battered ones, perfect ones. They’re all there. All of the time it seems. Honestly, now you’ve read this you’ll start to spot Volvos all over your telly.

Here’s just a few: Spiderman: Homecoming (2017, but the Volvo is a lot older, probably a Chod!); the Simpsons (not kidding, Volvo has gone animated!); The 40 Year Old Virgin; fantasy film Bridge to Terabithia (seriously, seems you can’t get to Terabithia unless you’re in a Volvo); 27 Dresses.  And TV? As recently as season two of Bancroft (aired 1 Jan 2020); 6 Feet Under; American Horror Story. You get the idea.  These are examples of where the Volvo featured heavily or was a ‘lead’ car.  BUT you’ll also just spot them hanging out in the background, or being used by lesser characters.

How have Volvo managed this?  It’s like the free-est of free advertising.  You can look for other cars, they’ll be there. But not in EVERYTHING.  Horror movie? Family drives a Volvo. Lawyer/Police programme?  Lawyer/Cop/Bad guy drives a Volvo.  It’s incredible.


Then, while researching for Twitter posts (do you follow us on Twitter? You should, we post great stories!) I kept coming across the term ‘Chod’.  Do you know what a Chod is? I didn’t so I had to find out.

A Chod, it seems, is a dodgy old banger. Ok, it’s not that simple really but that’s it in it’s simplest terms.  It’s also an Instagram sensation apparently. Austin Allegro, a bashed up Sierra Sapphire, Fiat Tipo?  All spotted and plonked on Instagram and Twitter to the delight of thousands of followers.   To some they are destined for the scrap yard. For others they are the reward for endlessly driving around housing estates and car parks looking for the ultimate Chod.

Bear in mind we’re not talking ‘classic’ car here. We’re talking on-the-road, driven around daily, bit bashed up, not totally loved older cars. Not your granddad’s beautifully restored/preserved MG or Aston Martin hidden under a dust sheet in the garage, or your uncle’s VW camper that’s lovingly waxed every weekend after it’s had it’s one day out.


Have you got one? Do you go Chod hunting?  We want to know who these people are!

Want to know more?  Here’s a few links to help you out:

Motoring Research Chod Instagrammers

Terrible images but the first car is….a VOLVO! ( You may to sign in/up to view this, I’m not sure, I was just so amused that the first car was a volvo!)  It’s seems the Autoshite site really does love a Chod and even has a blog about which one is more likely to make you car sick.

So now when I’m watching movies not only am I Volvo spotting but now I am CHOD Volvo spotting, and Chod spotting in general.  And now when I go shopping I’m definitely on a Chod spotting expedition, because I am one of those people who appreciates the best of the cars from the 70s and 80s (its seems to me that’s where most Chods were born).  I love an XR2, a Princess or a Cortina estate (rare!). 🚗

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