Keeping your car Germ-Free

During these strange times, while Coronavirus/Covid-19 is running rampant around our country (and the world) and most of us are stuck inside except for those brilliant key workers that are helping to keep us safe, fed and well, it’s easy to forget that your car is a hotbed of germs!

Go shopping…jump in the car after touching trollies, food and money, then touch your door handle, steering wheel, gear stick, indicators… you get the idea. Under normal circumstances you could get away with a wipe down every now and then; but right now while we’re not touching our faces, while we’re are using hand sanitiser every hour and while we are coughing into our arms (I hope you are!) remember your car.

Antibacterial wipes and a spray will do the job and for other bits you’ll want some hot soapy water. Bit like washing your hands!  Think about all the touch-points as you get in your car and methodically wipe them down.  And do this as often as you can. If you’re on full lockdown it will likely be once or twice a week when you pop to the shop. If you’re a key worker travelling every day think about adding this to your end of day routine.

Here we go…

  • Car door handles (external and internal) or whatever part of the car you grab to open and close it
  • Steering wheel
  • Gear Stick
  • Seat belts (buckle and clasp)
  • Indicator stick
  • Radio and volume buttons
  • Climate controls and air vent adjusters
  • Window buttons and winders
  • Rear view mirror
  • Seat adjusters
  • Arm rests
  • Glove box

That’s quite a few, you might even notice a few more the next time you get in your car.

We know it’s a chew. We know you’d rather just go in and chill out. But what’s the point if the next time you get in your car you’re putting yourself, and any passengers, at risk? You’re washing your hands when you get home. So wash your car down too. Oh, and we realise you might be wearing gloves, but those gloves have touched everything your hands would have touched!

We’re not trying to scare you, we promise!  We want you to be safe and come out the other side, and your car is possibly overlooked as part of that.

Keep safe everyone, keep well and remember – essential journeys only!

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