Snow Joke for Cars

Our Top Tips on clearing your car when you wake up to find it’s covered in the white stuff!

So some parts of the UK woke up to a blanket of snow today and there could be more to come. In light of this, we thought we’d pop together our top tips for clearing off your car, getting on the road and keeping safe in a winter wonderland.

❄ Brush, don’t scrape
If the snow is soft and fluffy and has landed on a dry car it’s best not to scrape it off – this could cause damage to your glass and paintwork. Instead use a soft brush to sweep off the snow.  And make it a long handled one so you can get the roof cleared.  Nothing worse than stopping and all that snow you left on the roof comes sliding down your windscreen obscuring your already obscured view!

❄ Check your screen wash levels
Actually, just top it up.  You’ll use so much more than usual with the mucky slushy roads so don’t risk running out at all. Just top that baby up and you’ll be reassured that you’ll always be able to clean your screen. Oak Road branches ALWAYS have screen wash in!

❄ Sit in your car while it clears
We’ve all heard the stories of people who have left their cars running while they stay nice and warm inside, only for some lowlife chancer to jump in and drive off. Don’t be that ninny. Sit if your car while it warms and clears. Check out our post on clearing your screen safely

❄ Keep helpful stuff in the boot
A snow shovel, cardboard, bit of old carpet, blanket…anything that will help you get unstuck. It might be worse where you’re going so don’t risk getting stuck. Oh, and some water, a snack and a pair of wellies/boots. Just in case!

❄ Check your lights
Before you set off make sure your lights are all lit!  People have a tendency to think that lights are only there so they can see while driving….not so, they also serve the purpose of you being seen.  So if all of your lights are working you have less chance of someone bumping you from behind because they couldn’t see you – as long as you’ve turned them on.  All of Oak Road branches carry a range of bulbs.erik-mclean-_t_Cyst6HEA-unsplash

❄ De-icer is only for ice
If you’ve only got soft snow on your windscreen DON’T spray de-icer. This just makes it wet. Refer to Tip 1 – just brush it off.  However if underneath the soft stuff there’s ice then have at it and spray away.

❄ Take a Coat
You might not like to drive in a coat – especially a big bulky winter coat – and you might think you’re only going car-to-building and back again BUT do make sure you have a coat in the car just in case. Breaking down without a way to keep you warm if you have to get out of your car is a recipe for hypothermia!  A blanket is great but if it’s snowing it’s going to get wet and cold, and your coat is built for snow.

❄ Take it easy
It’s snow. It’s not like driving on a normal blacktop. Accelerate and decelerate gently and slowly. Know your brakes – at what point do they engage? Slamming on the brakes is not a good thing in the snow. Lifting your foot and tapping the brakes (mostly so the person behind you knows you are slowing) is much better than having to slam.

So there you go. If you wake up tomorrow and there’s snow everywhere you’ll know exactly what to do to get started and stay safe on your journey. And remember, we sell both bulbs and lots of screen wash in all of our branches! 🚗❄🚗

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