Summer Car Tunes

Ah there really is nothing like zooming (at the a-hem speed limit….) along the open road, wind in your hair (ok, air-con on and windows closed) with your favourite tune blaring out of the sound system of your car.

But what you listening to?

We asked a bunch of people for their all-time favourite car songs and have put together the ultimate playlist* for your summer road trip. All title links open in You Tube – go on, watch your favourite!

🚗         🚗          🚗          🚗          🚗          🚗

🚗  Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meatloaf
Written by Jim Steinman and released in 1977, this is eight and a half minutes of pure Meatloaf vocal madness.  This song takes you on a journey, while you’re on a journey.  No kidding, someone actually said that.

🚗  One Way or Another – Blondie
Love this song; rocky, fun, crackers.  Debbie Harry’s awesome voice. What’s not to love?  We all know that for Comic Relief 1D covered it (well or badly – that’s open for discussion)  but Fun Fact – it was also covered by Alvin and the Chipmunks (that will win you a pub quiz one day).

🚗  Humble Neighbourhoods – Pink
From the album Try This, this rocky anthem really gets the blood flowing.  Just try not to bounce around too much while you’re driving.  Great for windows down, shouting-from-the-bottom-of-your-lungs type singing. One comment: “German Highway – 210 km/h… YEAH”.  Yeah indeed.

🚗  Born to Run – Bruce Spingsteen
Recorded in 1975 when The Boss was just 25, Born to Run is a bit of an American anthem. It was also a ‘make or break’ moment for Springsteen – things had not been going to plan. And then there was Born to Run (the song and the Album).  Rolling Stone caught up with Bruce in 2005, read what he had to say about it.

🚗  Someday I’ll be Saturday Night – Bon Jovi
There are sooooo many Bon Jovi songs to drive to but this one has a little edge over the more well known releases.  Lyrics that show a crap life (feeling like a Monday) but dreams of a better one (but someday I’ll be Saturday night) can’t help but make you want to sing along.  Turn it up. Find a long straight road. Go.

🚗  What a way to wanna be – Shania Twain
Torn between this and In My Car (I’ll be the Driver) which are both super rocky and such fun.  For this one though, the lyrics are funny.  And true. So it’s just an all round great song to sing while you’re driving along.  If you can keep up.

🚗  Heart’s on Fire – John Cafferty
Pretend you’re Rocky as you rock out to this lively tune. Obvs you’re in a car and not running or boxing, but you can still be winning!  It is rated as one of the best workout tunes ever but we think it belongs on the summer driving tunes list.

🚗  Want you bad – The Offspring
You have to be a 90s punk song loving, American Pie watching appreciator of dodgy teen videos to put this on your play list. But you won’t regret it and you’ll be turning it up to share with everyone on your road trip.

🚗  The Devil went down to Georgia – The Charlie Daniels Band
Probably the only reason most people will know this song is that it features on the movie soundtrack for Coyote Ugly.  Love Country music or not, you can’t not enjoy this song. The fiddle playing is demonic, the southern drawl of the lyrics is addictive and, well, it’s just a lot of fun.  Granny does your dog bite? No child no.

There it is – a great road trip play list as determined by, well, the people we asked!  It’s not comprehensive but we didn’t want to bore you with too many. Hopefully there’s one or two in here you don’t know and will add to your playlist the next time you’re heading down a long straight road.

One guy had this to say “I’ve done 1800 miles in a week and I’ve been listening to Bowie, to the Eagles, Primal Scream’s Vanishing Point (I have a Dodge Challenger). Wolf Alice. The Album Leaf works well for long stretches with moody weather. 80s 12 inch albums. AC DC, Johnny Cash, Duke Garwood, Tiesto MOS ‘go hard or go home’ oooh and Neil Young…..”.  Pretty diverse!

Just goes to show; listen to what you want, it’ll get you there.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat orange color 2018

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat image courtesy:  AGT Auto

*Each to their own, we know a playlist is personal 😁

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