Winter Car Checks

It’s time for a Winter Overhaul for your car. Here’s our Top Eight Tips for getting your car winter ready

Now that the Halloween fun is over, the clocks have changed and there’s a definite nip in the air, it’s time to give your pride and joy (or work car, whichever!) a good winter overhaul.

We asked Chris, our longest service team member, for his top tips on getting your car winter ready.

🚗 TOP TIP: Get a FREE battery check at any Oak Road branch (best to pop us a call first, make sure we’re not too busy for you!)

🚗 Get yourself a clean Chamois Pad for those misty moments. Keep it somewhere easy to reach BUT don’t clear your windscreen while driving. Pull over somewhere safely and give your interior windscreen a good going over, then set off again safely.

🚗 Check your bulbs. Now’s the time to do it.  Replace any that are out and keep a spare bulb kit in your boot, because you just never know. SEE AND BE SEEN!dirty windscreen

🚗 Check your screen wash levels and top up regularly. A must when the spreaders start salting the roads, or for those annoying misty morning when the car in front is kicking up lots of road muck.

🚗 Get your hands on a Winter Car Kit (ok, we made that up but you can put your own together!). It should consist of a snow shovel, a square of carpet or cardboard (for under your tyres), de-icer, a scraper and some warm gloves.  Pop it all in a box in the boot (you can get foldable shovels!) and you’re ready for anything

🚗 Keep your tyres in tip top condition. Read our blog on Tyre Safety for more info

🚗 Pop to your local mechanic and ask for an antifreeze check (most will do it free but do ask first, it’s only polite). It’s imperative to the winter working of your car to ensure nothing is likely to freeze and burst.

🚗  On that note, don’t let your vehicle get too low on fuel. This can lead to condensation forming in the tank creating water which in turn can freeze in the fuel pipes. Then you’re going nowhere.  Top up no later than a quarter tank.

There are some other things you should be aware of, like…don’t wait until your MOT to see if your brakes work!  Get ’em checked. It’s hard enough controlling your car in the ice, don’t let dodgy brakes factor in too.

Now then, it won’t surprise you to learn you can get pretty much all that we’ve mentioned (and lots more) at our branches.  And if we don’t have them in (might be a little early for a snow shovel but you never know!) just ask and we’ll order you one.

Remember you don’t have be trade to take advantage of Oak Road’s great service and offers. We are open to the public too, and our team are a right friendly bunch! 🚗

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